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Written document translation

Working with Inspiration Translation Services, you will benefit from the services of an experienced translator, who uses his linguistic proficiency and translation technology to ensure that your texts are translated up to your standards of excellence, both in terms of style and terminology.

Document proofreading
(French only)

Your editorial and professional documents must reflect the impeccable nature of your services.

For an hourly fee, I can review your content to maximise style and readability.

Project management from start to finish
  • Management of Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats.
  • Processing of XML, InDesign or other file formats on request.
  • Conversion of PDF files, extraction of image captions and their reintegration into the translated documents.
  • Your final documents will fully respect the layout and appearance of your source documents.
The translation project process
Why I can make your project succeed
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With 11 years’ experience as a freelance translator, and having translated over 5 million words, I possess the skills and versatility to not only meet your requirements, but also best advise you on how to manage your translation projects. My areas of specialisation include IT, website translation, corporate communications and marketing.


I work with reputed Computer Aided Translation software that relies on a “translation memory”. Translated sentences are stored in a database that serves as a point of reference for subsequent projects, ensuring consistent terminology and style from one project to another. For some projects, glossaries can be created, for example, by extracting terms from your website. A quality assurance software ensures residual errors are detected (different translations for two identical sentences, inconsistent terminology, a missing number, etc.).


Although I fully commit to work independently, the client, nevertheless, remains a key player in the translation process. Indeed, I may need to ask questions to clarify my understanding of texts for translation and specific terminology. Client responsiveness and effective communication throughout the project help ensure the final quality of the translation.


The translation memories and glossaries used for your projects are your property and shall not be, in any case, disclosed or reused for other projects. Confidentiality for all information contained in your documents is ensured.


You are in direct contact with the translator and you are guaranteed to receive consistent, quality translations always performed by the same person. Effective communication, high reactivity and on-time deliveries allow you to save time and to complete your projects with confidence.

Request a quote
  • Contact

    If you wish, we can arrange an appointment at your offices so that we can discuss your translation needs and I can answer any questions you may have about my services.

  • Translation test

    I am prepared to undertake a short test, free of charge, which will allow you to assess my skills with a view to possible collaboration. This text should not exceed 400 words or one A4 page.

  • Rates

    My rate is calculated per source word and may vary depending on the difficulty of the content to be translated. This includes documentary research, glossary creation if needed and meticulous review to ensure perfect results.

    Related tasks, such as page layout of PowerPoint or InDesign files may incur additional charges at an hourly rate.

    In some cases, an extra percentage is charged for project management, based on the total amount excluding VAT for the project.

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